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About Us

Spare a moment of your time to meet the team behind Home Painters Etobicoke. This is the team that will go above and beyond for you all the times you may need your house, condo, office, or private practice painted. Why should you care about the painters you hire for a job? Because everything about a painting job makes a difference in your life.

The right color combinations, the quality of the paints, the preparatory work done beforehand, the way all materials are finished, the equipment used all determine the aesthetics of the building, the value of the property, your safety, your mood.

It all comes down to choosing the right company, from the start. And now that you found us, you can be sure that you can rely on professional painters, Etobicoke’s best team.

Seeking home painters in Etobicoke? Or want commercial painting?

About Us

Our team is at your disposal for painting services in Etobicoke, Ontario. We serve all local painting needs, residential and commercial, interior and exterior. And always do so with the professionalism that established us, in the first place, as the company that truly cares to take each step required to overdeliver. Quality is our trademark – something we stand by all through the years. When you turn to our team for a home or commercial painting service, excellence is something you expect.

How is excellence defined? By the expertise of the house painters. By the quality of the paints. By the time the contractors spent to help you find the ideal colors & color combinations for your business or condo. By the way all jobs are done, however small or big.

The painters expertly prep all surfaces

There’s always some extensive preparatory work done on all surfaces. As all committed painting companies, our goal is to deliver beautiful surfaces without blemishes and imperfections. And so, any required drywall repair, deck repair, window caulking, trim fixing is done before anything else. Of course, old paints are removed and the surfaces are sanded and cleaned, as required. If you need a popcorn ceiling removed, you can count on us. If there’s wallpaper, it can be removed but also new wallpaper or stone walls installed.

A professional painting contractor in your corner, from the start

Whether we are talking about a job in a business or a residential painting service, a contractor helps you decide about colors, styles – all things that will decorate and make your place wonderful. Naturally, you get consultation and advice from the beginning. And this is done by contractors with expert knowledge. By pros devoted to their trade and knowledgeable about the most recent trends, all innovations, the latest colors and painting techniques.

Don’t worry about the painting service or the cost

One worrisome moment for you is the cost. We know it. But we would like to assure you that all rates are reasonable. You don’t pay a fortune to have your office or the home painted. On the contrary, you are given solutions. And you are also offered a free estimate, right off the bat. We have a no-strings-attached policy and so you are not obliged to hire us for the job. So, never hesitate to contact us, whether you have questions, like to get an estimate for a job, or go ahead and talk details about a painting job. Is this an office painting service? Are you in quest of Etobicoke home painters? Tell us.