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Brick Painting

Looking for brick painters in Etobicoke, Ontario? It’d be our team’s pleasure to serve your brick painting Etobicoke needs. In our company, we pride ourselves on our expertise in all materials. We consider this vital in our business. Such knowledge allows us to suggest the best paint coatings and finishes, based on the surface’s material. Among all other materials, we have experience in brick, and brick painting, of course.

With Home Painters Etobicoke, brick surfaces are prepped correctly and are also finished perfectly so that they will look stunning and be shielded as needed. Let’s talk some more about brick painting services in Etobicoke.

Getting started with interior brick painting in Etobicoke

Brick Painting Etobicoke

Etobicoke brick painting experts are at your disposal for service. Before that, you get answers to your questions along with consultation regarding the finishes and colors. We always like to inform people about their choices. Even more so when it comes to brick. This is a special material that must be painted with the right coatings and finishes to look good.

As with all stone wall interior painting services, we start by informing you about the best brick finishes, coatings, and colors. Since brick textures vary, a pro comes out to check the surface and provide both the needed finish and color consultation and the expected estimate for the service. They are free of any charge or obligation. And so, there’s no point in thinking about it. If you want interior brick wall painting, let’s talk.

Best team for exterior wall brick painting too

Do you want an exterior brick surface painted? No problem. It’s fair to say that many houses are covered with brick. Some only have some sections covered with brick. In any case, you can trust our team with exterior brick wall painting.

Once again, the process is the same. You tell us about the project and we send a pro to check the brick surface and provide the needed free consultation and estimate, with no obligation.

Expert brick surface preparation and painting service

Brick surfaces are prepped in the best manner before they are painted. Dirt settles on brick, even interior walls, let alone exterior brick. And then, some flaws and dents need to be filled and fixed before anything else. Depending on the brick’s texture, the pros sand and clean the surface, aiming at creating the required smoothness for the perfect adhesion of the paint.

Due to the thorough brick surface preparation and the use of suitable paints, the results last for a long time. This is vital not only for aesthetic reasons but also for enhanced protection for a longer time. The coatings create a protective layer that keeps the wall shielded from all enemies, from dust to moisture. With the brick wall properly painted and finished, the surface is also easy to clean. Brick is not easy to prep or paint. Better come to us. Whether you want a solid color or a distressed feel, Etobicoke brick painting specialists are ready to provide amazing solutions and ideas. Should we talk?