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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Are you thinking of painting the interior trims in your Etobicoke home in Ontario? If so, contact us. Assuming you want nothing less than professional crown molding and trim painting, Etobicoke specialists are ready to serve.

Breathing life into these magnificent architectural structures is possible but not easy, assuming you expect spectacular results. That’s because the end results depend on how well trim imperfections are fixed, how colors are combined, what paint coatings are used depending on the trim’s material, and how the job is done overall. That’s why we recommend turning to Home Painters Etobicoke. Why should you settle for poor service when you can get the very best service without paying more?

Inquiring about trim painting and crown molding painting in Etobicoke

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Etobicoke

Let us begin by saying that inquiring about Etobicoke crown molding and trim painting services takes a phone call or a short message to our company. We just need to hear about your project. Then, it’s best that you make an appointment so that a pro can check out the trims in your house in order to provide the expected color consultation and estimate, at no charge, we assure you, and without any obligation. Be sure. So, if you are interested in painting trims, go ahead and schedule your appointment.

Interior trim painting services

Customers often prefer to have all interior moldings painted. For various reasons, some customers just need this trim or that molding painted. Some others like to make combinations, like having the doors painted along with the door casings. Or, book crown molding painting along with kitchen cabinet painting. The good news is that no matter what you have in mind, you can consider it done. Our company covers all interior molding painting service needs. Of course, if you want exterior moldings refreshed, we are still the company to contact.

  •          Crown molding painting. No matter how intricate or not the designs are, crown moldings are thoroughly painted.
  •          Baseboard painting. The color of baseboards is usually matched with that of the crowns – or not, as you wish. In any case, you can have baseboards painted to perfection.
  •          Wall trim painting. Wall trims are painted to stand out. Of course, if the wall color has faded, it’s wise to book wall painting too – so that the wall won’t look dull.
  •          Window/door casing painting. The casings of windows and doors can be painted – often along with the doors and the window frames.

Are there additional moldings in your house, like chair rails, ceiling rosettes, arches, picture rails, and other trimwork? Be sure that all trims can be painted.

Have all moldings painted to a T, choose our painting company

Trims are made of different materials. To ensure perfection at all stages, from prepping to painting trims, we give gravity to the material. Plaster, wood, foam, and other materials are all prepped differently and painted with different coatings. This way, we ensure that all trim imperfections are properly addressed and the final results are astonishing and long-lasting. And so, you shouldn’t take risks with this home improvement of yours. If you want to inquire about and perhaps schedule crown molding and trim painting, Etobicoke’s most committed team is at your service. Talk with us.