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Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painting Etobicoke

How bad is your home’s exterior? Or, do you wish to book exterior house painting in Etobicoke, Ontario, just to refresh and rejuvenate the property? Whatever your reason, our company is available for exterior painting services in Etobicoke.

Why should you choose Home Painters Etobicoke for the job? Because we have vast experience in painting house exteriors. Plus, the service may involve the entire house exterior or not. What’s most crucial of all things is the way the job is done – always with respect to the house’s materials, always with quality and durable paints, always by expert painters. On top of all other things, we appoint a contractor to check the property and offer consultation, color options, finish choices, and a free estimate – even if this is a small one-home-painter service.

Etobicoke exterior house painting company

As said already, when it comes to exterior house painting, Etobicoke homeowners may book a full service or not. You can rely on our team for any painting job you want on the house exterior. Thinking of having the patio or deck painted? Is the old fence paint peeling and you need the fence refinished? Want the siding and the doors painted? Whether you seek one exterior painter for a small job or a team of painters for a big job, we are the team to contact for the service.

  •          Deck painting
  •          Fence painting
  •          Wall/siding painting
  •          Brick painting
  •          Windows & doors painting
  •          Trim painting

All painting services involve a preparatory phase

Even if this is a small-scale job, the surface’s blemishes are fixed. And the exterior house painter thoroughly preps the surface to be both rough and smooth – whatever is needed based on the material, to be finished perfectly. What we try to say is that the siding, the doors, the deck, and all parts of the house’s exterior that will be painted are prepped first. And this first and very important stage may involve several tasks – it always depends on the surface’s condition and its material.

  •          Deck repairs
  •          Fence repairs
  •          Scraping, cleaning, washing
  •          Fixing flaws
  •          Caulking
  •          Sanding

Exterior painters experienced with all materials

Let us point out again that the prep work and the exterior painting – all phases, are done with respect to the material in question. Naturally, not all materials need the same prep work or are painted with the same products. And while all paints are suitable for exterior surfaces and thus, highly resistant, they are also suitable for wood, stucco, brick, metal, and any other material. This ensures great application, a long life span, and a superb appearance.

Should we discuss your exterior painting job?

The painting service doesn’t start when you contact us. It starts when you decide – and if you decide, to give the job to us. Till then, you get a free estimate and consultation – answers to your questions. The good thing is that apart from our non-pressure policy, we also ensure ultimate professionalism and excellent results if you decide to assign the service to our team. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Start by taking a step forward and asking us to send a painting contractor to offer the information you need. Then, think about it and contact us if you want to entrust the Etobicoke exterior house painting service to us. We’ll be here for you.