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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets is the best and most cost-effective way to boost function and aesthetics in the busiest room in the home. To be sure of the results of kitchen cabinet painting, Etobicoke homeowners should put their trust in us. You see, not all cabinets are made of the same material. But we have experience with them all. This is important when it comes to prepping surfaces, choosing coatings, and finishing cabinets.

And so, it’s not just that Home Painters Etobicoke is available for such projects. It’s mostly that such a project in our hands becomes stress-free and is completed above all expectations. Wait and see!

Get a free quotation for kitchen cabinet painting in Etobicoke

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Etobicoke

Speak with us. If you are planning kitchen cabinet painting in Etobicoke, Ontario, let’s talk about your needs, dreams, and expectations. Better still, let our team send a pro to check out the cabinets to make a note of their condition, material, and anything that may affect the work. To provide the best possible consultation, we need to know such things. To offer an estimate, we need to know more about your painting needs and the size of the kitchen.

Don’t worry. Getting an estimate for the cabinet painting service along with color consultation is free-of-obligation and free-of-charge. Why don’t you make an appointment?

Ways to finish kitchen cabinets

Since not all situations, homes, tastes, and needs are the same, our painting company is ready to serve all finishing needs.

  •          Having the kitchen cabinets painted for the first time. Assuming you are tired of looking at the same cabinets for years, let’s talk colors. All drawers and cabinets in your kitchen can be painted the color or colors of your choice.
  •          Staining the kitchen cabinets. Are you considering cabinet staining? This is often the case when the cabinets are made of wood and homeowners don’t want to lose the beauty of the timber grains. There are transparent or colored stain coatings to meet all tastes.
  •          Refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Many cabinets are painted. But there might be a chance that you don’t like the color. Or, you may want to change the color. Or, that the paint is cracked or damaged in one way or another. No worries. Old paint can be removed and the cabinets can be repainted.

The painters prep and finish cabinets by the book

Whether you want cabinet refinishing, staining, or first-time painting, there’s prep work beforehand. All cabinets are removed along with the hardware. The pros focus on cleaning them first and then, they repair imperfections and sand them as required before they prime them. Once they are dry, the cabinets are finished. When the job – cabinet repainting, painting, or staining, it doesn’t matter – is completed, everything is put back in place.

Should we talk about cabinet finishes for easy cleaning? Should we discuss colors and trends to boost the kitchen’s appearance? Reach out to us. Don’t hesitate to do so given that you can get a free quotation without having any obligation. If you want to talk about kitchen cabinet painting, Etobicoke’s most devoted team is right here and ready to listen to your needs.