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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Since removing a popcorn ceiling is not easy and there might be some safety hazards involved, don’t take chances. If you want to schedule popcorn ceiling removal in Etobicoke, Ontario, put your trust in our team’s experience and expertise.

Your decision to remove popcorn ceiling textures may derive from your need to modernize the home. Simply put, you may not like such dated ceiling designs. Though the truth is that some of these ceilings were quite harmful due to asbestos. Is this your case and so, you are in a hurry to have the popcorn ceiling removed as soon as possible? Contact Home Painters Etobicoke. Do so now even if you are not sure if the texture is harmful. Why take chances?

Tell us if you need in Etobicoke popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Etobicoke

Since our team is available for popcorn ceiling removal, Etobicoke residents can turn to us for the service. It doesn’t matter if this is a family house, an office, or a condo. As long as there’s a popcorn – acoustic, ceiling in your place and you want it gone, we are the company to contact. Message or call our team to discuss your needs and make an appointment with a local contractor. Are we talking about the ceiling in one room or in many rooms? Is this a large room? Is the ceiling painted? Is it damaged and dented? We need to know details to offer an estimate and be sure the pros come out fully prepared for the job. So, if it’s time to take the big step, don’t think about it any longer. Contact our team to set an appointment.

Popcorn ceilings are removed by well-equipped experts

It goes without saying that all pros assigned to such jobs are experienced in removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing substrates. It’s equally vital to point out that the room is covered fully. Although the texture is slowly removed with special tools and equipment, there’s a lot of dust. Since the particles of dust may be harmful, the goal is to constrain dust in the room by thoroughly prepping the area. For the same reason, the pros are dressed in special suits and are totally prepared to remove the popcorn ceiling thoroughly without affecting their health.

Once the texturized ceiling is removed and disposed, the ceiling’s substrate is checked for dents and imperfections. There are usually some blemishes and however big or small they may be, they are addressed in the best way. The ceiling is then prepped, primed, and painted.

Removing a popcorn ceiling & finishing the ceiling takes a message to us

Want to get rid of the outdated texture and enjoy a modern flat ceiling? You likely want it painted white, right? Should we talk about white colors? Or, are you considering painting the ceiling a different color? We discuss all these things from the start and so the painters come completely ready to do the job. But let’s start with the necessary task first – that’s the popcorn ceiling removal. Etobicoke experts are ready to step in if you are ready to say goodbye to the old textures and all problems that it brings within.